Here at Bradford Laser Cutting as well as priding ourselves in meeting customers’ day to day orders, we enjoy when we have chance, to do something a little different and creative.

Here are a few examples of what we have precision laser cut, our very own pink dinosaur, orange scorpion and a large scorpion which is attached to the outside of our building, which showcase our fun side on arrival at our offices.

These are made from mild steel and the smaller ones have been powder coated to add a little colour. The parts were programmed on CAD software then laser cut on our Kimla fiber machine before being MIG welded to secure the parts together. 

Many of our customers have complimented our beautiful work and agree that our outside scorpion is definitely eye catching.

Bradford Laser Cutting Ltd are specialists in the field of precision laser cutting and if you have any requirements no matter how different or fun, please contact us on 01274 200112 or email  

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