Bradford Laser Cutting Ltd work with many companies that outsource their laser cutting.  There are various advantages to outsourcing laser cutting, just 4 examples are

  1. The expense of the equipment – setting up a quality laser cutting machine, is expensive and also can take up a large space in your workshops.  By opting to outsource your laser cutting requirements, not only do you save on the heavy investment and shop floor space, Bradford Laser Cutting Ltd still provide you with the same level of quality (if not higher quality) and also works within your time scales.
  2. As this is our bread and butter, we are experts in laser cutting, there is a learning curve in the business which we have taken the time to train our existing employees and have it down to a fine art.  We have a vast knowledge and experience in this industry which is second to none, we offer great customer service, fast turn around and are accredited to BS EN 1090.
  3. Maintenance Cost – The running of these machines, health and safety and general maintenance is costly and complicated.  This is another reason why outsourcing your laser cutting services is cost-effective in the long run.
  4. Stock holding – Another cost saving is you don’t have to hold any materials in stock nor store any of this.  As a laser cutting company we hold a wide range of stock to meet all your laser requirements

Let Bradford Laser Cutting Ltd quote on you any of your laser cutting requirements and we can show you our excellent service and ability to laser cut.  Contact us today on 01274 200112 or email

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