Why Choose Steel Fabrication

Steel is an impressive material due to its durability and toughness and other factors, it can be used pretty much for anything.

Steel fabrication is a process using a multiple different methods, with having the initial design from the customer along with drawings.

Cutting – this can be done with a variety of methods.  Here at Bradford Laser Cutting we opt for laser cutting our parts.  The laser cuts the steel with exact precision

Bending – this can be done using a press brake or tube benders.  Bradford Laser Cutting have invested in two Bystronic Press Brakes and opted for this method.  This process allows us to bend and fold the steel to the require angles

 Welding – This is a common process in the steel fabrication world.  This process joins the metal by using high heat to melt the parts together and allowing them to cool causing them to fuse together.

Due to the complex nature of steel fabrication, orders are usually placed well in advance which allows us time for all the process to be completed before sending to the finishers ie galvanising, powder coating or polishing.

Quality control plays an important role in our metal fabrication work, this not only is through our BS EN 1090 with traceability of our steel but also the entire manufacturing process which allows us to ensure quality is at the highest standard.

 If you have any steel fabrication requirements, please get in touch today on 01274 200112 or email sales@bradfordlaser.com

Why Choose Steel Fabrication

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