Before commencing with your fabrication project, you need to consider what type of steel you will use.  When beginning this thought process, firstly you need to consider what environment the project will be.

The most obvious difference between the two steel is the ability to resist corrosion.  Both carbon steel and stainless steel contain iron which oxidizes when exposed to the environment, creating rust.  The added chromium in stainless steel makes is more corrosion resistant than carbon steels.  However, carbon steel is stronger and more durable.

Once this has been taken into consideration, there is the aspect of aesthetics, stainless steel finish appears more polished appearance whereas carbon steel appears a dull finish.  As with any job the cost implications are an important factor, carbon steel is the more cost-effective option.

Bradford Laser Cutting Ltd are specialists in the field of precision laser cutting and have years of experience in utilising our skills to help deliver a quality product and cost effective to help planning and choosing the right steel for each project and if you have any requirements, please contact us on 01274 200112 or email  

The difference between carbon steel and stainless steel

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