Going Green

Bradford Laser Cutting Ltd values its employees, customers, community and environment, we are committed to minimising the impact we have on our planet and thinking of the future.

As part of our aim, we are working towards reducing our carbon footprint and working towards being more sustainable.  Over the past few years, we have worked hard making small but important changes to our working ways.  Our programmers automatically ensure that there’s minimum wastage so we get the most out of the materials.  Our lasers use gas, therefore making precise cuts without causing any excessive heat.  In 2017, we introduced our new fibre laser, this type of laser using nearly 70% less electricity and also dramatically reduces the amount of gas used too.

Also, as part of this mission to reduce our footprint, we recycle all our off cuts of steel, segregating all our general waste and hazard waste and recycling where we can.  Along side this we have made a concertive effort to reduce the amount of paper we use and where possible have gone paperless.

Other environmental efforts have been made by investing in new technology with two new press brakes and having good ventilation on our machines and welding sections.


Our future projects including looking at investing in rainwater system and having solar panels on the whole workshop and keeping our eyes out for any new developments, ideas or devices on ways to improve our carbon footprint.

If you would like further information on Bradford Laser Cutting, please contact us on 01274 200112 or email sales@bradfordlaser.com



Going Green

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