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Precision Laser Services – Using state of the art facilities, determination and customer commitment we succeed to deliver high quality laser cutting services. Established in 2004 Bradford Laser Cutting, based in West Yorkshire, have built up a reputationas a quality laser cutting company in materials, workmanship and customer support recognised by ISO 9001 accreditation. With our high quality proven systems and facilities we are able to offer fast turn around and competitive pricing on precision laser cutting and secondary services.

The core of our business is flatbed cutting, we have been doing this day in day out for the last 10 years !

Please feel free to email us or contact us with any requirements you have, we carry out quotes and give advice for free.

We offer Press Braking

3 metre 180T CNC Press Brake

3.7 metre 280T Pearson Press Brake

This is a service we now offer off site.

We can offer all our materials in a variety of finish including Hot Dipped Galvanized, Powder Coating, and Zinc Plated.

We can give you any advice on the above finishes – please feel free to give us a call.

We also provide a series of on-site secondary services through our sister company

• Auto Sawing: Up to 410 mm. • Guillotining: 20 x 1250 mm and 12 x 2500 mm. • Cropping Angle: 100 x 100 x10 mm. • Cropping Flat Bar: 300 x 15 mm. • Lifting: 5 and 10 Tonnes. • Punching: Ø 40mm in 10mm + Ø 150mm in 3 mm. • Drilling: Up to 50 mm. • Tapping • Rolling: 10 x 2400 mm Steeco Rollers. • Bending: 12 x 3000 mm & 10 x 3600 mm Pearson 250t. • Auto Circular Welding: Up to 350 mm. • Electro Plating • Galvanising • Powder Coating • Polishing

Flatbed Laser Cutting

Press Braking

Rotary Axis Tube Cutting

Competitive Pricing - Nationwide Cover - Fast Quotation - 24 Hour Capability - Speedy Delivery

Who we are

Bradford Laser have an onsite, dedicated team providing steel cutting and fabrication services within the UK.

Quality Assured

We find best fitting solutions, aspire to exceed expectations, continue to train our staff, deliver on time and to price.

ISO 9001 Approved

We recently proudly renewed our ISO 9001 accreditation maintaining our standards and continuing ahead of our competitors.

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