Bradford Laser Portfolio Showcasing our favourite projects

Laser Cut Metal Components

These flatbed laser cut components include custom made engine manifolds, one-off and batch run clutch plates, steering and gear racks.

Laser Cut Steel Engine Manifold

This engine exhaust manifold is custom made to the customers' design specification.

Round Gear Steel Components

These round gear components are flatbed laser cut with jigsaw joints, internal teeth, chamfered holes and castellated edging from 8 mm mild steel.

Flatbed Laser Cut indicator Plates

These Indicator Plates are laser cut on our flatbed laser cutting machine from 3 mm mild steel. We produce these indicator plates in small to large batch runs.

Sheet metal Door Kick Plate

This door kicker plate is flatbed laser cut from 2 mm sheet stainless steel with our companies logo and design laser cut into the metal kick plate.

Laser Cut Steel Weather Vane

This one off bespoke weather vane is customer designed and laser cut on our flatbed laser from 3 mm mild steel.

Laser Cut Icons In Steel Panels

These spiral staircase treads are flatbed laser cut from 4 mm mild steel with a customer specified gothic design. The staircase treads are press braked on-site and folded to fit. The treads are finished by galvanising and powder coating in black.

Laser Cut Staircase Stair Treads

These spiral staircase treads are flatbed laser cut from 4.5 mm mild steel durbar and laser cut to shape.

Laser Cut Panels with Circle Design

These are panels are flatbed laser cut from 2 mm mild steel with perforated hole design.

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Bradford Laser have an onsite, dedicated team providing steel cutting and fabrication services within the UK.

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